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Margalitte Stinvil

Health & Human Services Director

First of all, within a simplified positive and delightful manner I ask God to grant me wisdom always wishing for.  I’m Ms. Margalite originated from Haiti.  Then relocated in the US to reunited with immediate family at earlier younger age.    I am an optimist woman, I made self-decision to start something new… most from to simplify my personal and professional life by stay focused on the road to success.    My personality traits shy, reserve’s upon subject shared beliefs.  I am a strong believer in Christian faith,  well oriented person, loyal and independent, compassionate, responsible, dependable.

However,  my strength is very mallow, welcome all ideas, kindly patient too listen to others…spiritually, physically and emotionally shape.  

I enjoy humor and expressively care to share my opinion against all odds…If have a hectic/busy/full schedule this week, by intend not to be rude,  Idealistic rather will perform work duties and process as well mostly not too slacking on my tasks. 

Presently, I’m a mother of three adults children,  I brought up my Haitian values which improvised a deity commitment that should refers by dignity, respect to uprising stronger goals of obedience, Joyce in their faith as well  define family values, relationship trust above all greatest healthy lifestyle as proclaimed upon our future. 

I am a graduate college by earning degree in Health Science as Allies Healthcare Management and RN student.  I have grown into more wisdoms, I like stability also enjoyed be near beach breezy wave.  And I wanted all my attitude, genuine traits integrity but to please my maker…if God Himself acknowledge for an unstable minded person couldn’t please Him so do I.  I long to live up by this standards to better served His people alone God has and will continue grant me better sweet destiny to move on towards successful careers!  

813.336.3063 Ext. 1003

Margalitte Stinvil
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