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Case Management

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Case Managements

Case managers help families reach self-sufficiency, as well as provide intensive case management and counseling support to refugees with the greatest needs.


Passport To Success

Despite media attention, employment and unemployment numbers, it is really income that drives our standard of living and reflects our general well being. The economic benefits of a training single woman for life skill education remain high specially those from Haiti. Jobs are requiring higher basic skill levels, including better reading and communication skills.


Modem employers are demanding workers with higher skill attainment. Life Skill training, in general, have higher median earnings than those with less skills

The Woman Passport to Success Project (WPSP) will prepare teen and adult women, especially those with dependent children, living in low to moderate income households, for entry into high-skill, Job- wage careers through the attainment of 6 months and one-year Certificate life skill training. The Passport to Success Project was implemented in 2016 to address the attrition and isolation which rural and documented immigrant low-income women experience in predominantly male and work environments. The Passport to Success Project is comprised "Of outreach, assessment, educational and core services, mentoring, peer and internship placement."  The proposed WPSP will serve 40 new participants, and will continue to serve up to 20 participants currently enrolled, for a total target of 70 participants. Other Passport to Success partners and affiliates include AMS's Future's Project of mentoring, the First Haitian Methods Church, Orlando, Carrier Sources, which been place many of people who is in government assistant to our office.

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