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ROICH is a Minority run, non-profit agency dedicated to providing members of the  Community in Florida with culturally and linguistically accessible information and services to improve their well being. Located in Florida, ROICH was founded in 1995 by Mr. Fortune & Alicia Jean to address  pressing life issues confronting Florida's documented  Immigrant community.


ROICH has grown tremendously and today provides a comprehensive range of prevention, education and direct service program to the community.  Several of its program serve young people throughout The Community. ROICH programs are designed to take into account not only the linguistic needs, but the community structures that reinforce beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.  ROICH has poineered the used of " Leadership as a mean of affecting behavioral change within the community.  in an effort to assure community members easy access to its direct service programs.



Magalite Stinvil

Health & Human Services Director


Alicia Jean

Chief Operation Officer


Nadia Legerme

Executive Director

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Lavilette M. Andree

Family Support Director

Ray Ally

Executive Vice-President

Jack Suffrena

Immigration Services Director



ROICH also developed mechanisms to deliver most of its serivces. In keeping with this purpose, ROICH will through the development and expansion of services to improving the lives of children and supporting families throughout our community in the United State.  


How We Make A Difference:  As the only Haitian Immigrant-centered organization of its kind in Florida, that working and knows the problem first hands and that are working with the community to help children and families achieve their dreams. The first half of 10 years and look at what we have achieved.  Since 1995, ROICH has developed the reputation in  the communities as a valued public service conduit by providing myriad of resources to our community who live around the world, many of whom may be at or below the average income level for the region.


A large part of ROICH’s success is derived from the organization’s ability to be cultural bridge. Through working with churches, local leaders for the improvement of the community, through providing A variety of social services, and education to the forefront of issues.  


During the first 10 years in operation ROICH (1) convened meetings between the cities and states, faith-based and medical entities to address the issue of social needs, and HIV/AIDS for communities of color, and foreigner (2) organized and facilitated community based meetings, Education, Citizenship Classes, Computer Classes, Food Assistance Program,  Redevelopment and Government housing Authority (3) collaborated with City public schools,  (4) facilitated the development of a healthy working relationship between the immigrant and community-based organization and the National Library of Medicine and (5) organized and hosted meetings for community health and faith-based organization and some local government agencies to establish initiatives that would enhance the delivery of services and access to social services for those who is working toward integration in the community.

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