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Haiti Medical Improvement Commission 

ROICH Medical Improvement Commission envisions a better system of healthcare in Haiti. The Commission plans to create programs to help improve access to primary care, promotion and surveillance of medical organizations, develop opportunities, help physicians improve patient care, improve communication, coordination and corporation between physicians and patient. Through strategic planning and project planning,


Vision: The improvement commission will play a key role in the management and improvement of the Healthcare system and performance with Caribbean community.

Mobile Health care will be a traveling healthcare service for rural Haiti.  Although the use of mobile clinics for charitable clinics is not a new idea, mobile clinic is unique in being the world’s first social venture aimed at creating sustainable services that would provide rural residents with high quality and affordable medical care to persons living in rural areas in Haiti.


1. Mobile clinic throughout Haiti, Healthcare education and affordable accessible healthcare for all Haitian.

2. Provides a viable foundation for unifying the efforts and future initiatives of Healthcare providers and allied colleagues.

3. Encourages the integration of Healthcare with community infrastructure.

4. Establishes a broad spectrum of alliances that fosters outreach and enhances awareness of the values of Health.

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